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Mamaki Tea with Bella Hughes

Big Mahalo to Bella Hughes and her Ohana for leading our mamaki tea workshop, and sharing their journey of how they became Shaka Tea. We received tips and tricks as well as a wealth of knowledge touching on:

  • Identifying the different species of Mamaki

  • How to grow Mamaki and where its grown

  • Health benefits of Mamaki

  • Host plant for Kamehameha Butterfly (Pulelehua project)

  • When to harvest & how to prepare mamaki


Participants also received hands on experience by transplanting mamaki seedlings into bigger pots. 35 seedlings were transplanted and 20 were taken to the homes of the families who participated for their personal home gardens.


Here are some fun facts about Mamaki Tea:

Bella sharing transplanting tip
  • Only found in The Hawaiian Archipelago.

  • Can grow from 5-20 ft tall

  • Acts as a host plant for the endemic Kamehameha Butterfly

  • Used in ancient Hawaiian medicine

  • If you turn the leaf over it looks like veins and arteries, which signify circulation.


If you have any questions about Shaka Tea please visit their website to learn more. Mahalo to all the families who participated and also the the Hughes Ohana for sharing their time, knowledge and their delicious tea!

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