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Planting Micro greens

Our first workshop focused on the aspects of growing spicy micro greens. Starting with growing them from seeds in clean potting soil, then going over maintenance and watering, and finally when to harvest and how to harvest.

The next informative section covered the market and nutrition for spicy micro greens. How much is it sold for? who can I sell it to? and finally; What is spicy micro greens? what are some ways to prepare them?


Reagan-Haze with her planted seedlings

After the beginning part of the workshop, the information learned was applied through hands on experience:

  • Prepping the soil by adding water

  • Having the correct planting tray with draining bottom

  • two different methods of planting micro greens; sprinkling or planting in rows

Along with spicy micro greens other seedlings were also planted to ensure we had enough starters for our transplanting workshop:

  • Tomatos

  • Kai choy

  • Bok choy

  • manoa lettuce

  • and snap peas just to name a few.


Micro greens take an average of 3 weeks until they are ready to be harvested. Spicy Micro greens are often used as a garnish or side in restaurants. Cafeʻs will also use them on top of avocado toast to give it that extra "kick".

1-2 days 4-5 days 1 week 3 weeks

If you are interested in growing micro greens or want to know where you can buy clean seeds please visit to purchase. Mahalo to everyone that participated.

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