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Intro to Hydroponics ft. non-circulating method

with Kristen Pabingwit

(First and second workshop will be displayed in one blog and will be updated accordingly)


*UPDATE 04/01/2019—1st class; 2weeks and 2days since being transplanted into netting cups and 3gal buckets.

For those who who joined our first class held on March 16, 2019; here are some pictures of what ours Looks like:


On March 16th & March 23rd we held a Hydroponic workshop led by Kristen Pabingwit. Kristen is a current student at HCC who is involved in the agriculture program. She graciously volunteered to share the techniques she learned propagating edible vegetables using the non-circulating method of hydroponics.


Maxing out our workshop capacity, we were able to supply our participating families

over 20 hydroponic kits (with seedlings), which were taken home so that participants could start their personal hydroponic garden. Each kit consisted of all the materials needed to sustain 3 full heads of lettuce:

  • 3gal bucket

  • Solution A (hydroponic solution mixed with Magnesium Sulfate)

  • Solution B (calcum nitrate)

  • oasis cubes

  • seedlings

  • nettings cups

  • plastic poster board

*for a full list of materials used during the workshop please click here.

Depending on certain environments harvesting time can be anywhere from 3/4 1/2 weeks. During that time no maintenance such as watering or fertilizing is required.

After the lettuce matures to proper size participants will separate the oasis cube from the lettuce, wash and enjoy. Its so simple and inexpensive to do we wanted to share this with everyone and give them a jump start on growing their own veggies. For more details on upcoming classes with Kristen keep checking back on our website. Mahalo!

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