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Herb Garden Workshop:

Saturday Morning workshop

Mahalo to all the families that joined us for our Herb garden box workshop. In this peer to peer workshop, we explained the importance of each herb and its uses and how we can best utilize the nutrients of that plant.

"Make and Take" Herb Garden Box

The kit above is the "Make and Take" herb box that we supplied 15 familes with. Each kit included potting soil, 6 plants, and the growing box. Within 30-90 days our familes should be able to start harvesting their herbs. Those who chose to grow Kai Choy will be able to harvest their produce within 20-25 days.

To the right are some of our participants that learned how to transplant herbs on a bigger scale (in our māla). After this exercise participants should feel confident enough to transplant their "make and take" kit at home on their own.

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