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Harvesting and Testing Clean Ginger Workshop

About 1 year ago MFA held a workshop which involved planting clean ginger. On 1/30/19 a workshop was held where we could share their ginger harvesting experience and also learn how to test if its bacterial wilt-free.


Fun facts about Ginger:

  • Low Maintenance.

  • Takes about 9months - 1 yr to harvest.

  • Died back leaves signify ready for harvest

  • 3 pieces can produce anywhere from 2 lbs - 10lbs

  • Most wild ginger (which are found on sides of the road) contain bacteria wilt disease


Harvesting was fun, but we still need to test if its bacteria wilt-free. Testing consisted of a solution that would be mixed with a piece of harvested ginger. After infusing them together a test strip is placed inside its liquid; if the strip has 1 line it is bacteria wilt free. 2 lines means your ginger is positive for bacteria wilt.

Mahalo to everyone who participated and joined our Ginger harvesting and testing workshop.

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