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Fire Ant Workshop Highlights:

A BIG mahalo to The Big Island Invasive Species Committee for coming to the Māla to educate us on everything we needed to know about Little Fire Ants.

Did You Know......

Little Fire Ant Queen and her worker ants

  • Little Fire Ants send out a faramone that tells other ants in the vicinity to bite at once where ever they are.

  • They protect pests to harvest sugars needed to sustain their diet. These pests include white flys, aphids, and thrips etc.

  • An entire colony can fit in a Mac nut shell.

  • They are a non territorial insect which means they do not kill each other, they work together.

  • To ward off predetors Little Fire Ants will pile up their dead in a "graveyard". So if you see a pile of dead fire ants its likely they chose that area to hoard all the deceased.

If you missed our workshop and would like to attend another like this please contact us so that we can make the proper arrangements or point you in the correct direction where resources are availiable.

Any and all questions that you would like to ask BIISC please click here to visit their website.

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