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Donated Trees to supply Kupuna Pantry project

On August 30th Māla Ho`oulu `Ike held a workshop that involed transplanting various grafted trees that were granted to them by The Fruit Tree Foundation. Amoung these trees are a variety of citrus, avocados, and mulberryʻs that will source the future "Kupuna Pantry" program that will seasonaly supply fresh fruit to the Kupunaʻs in our community.

To the right is a citrus tree that we successfully transplanted into the ground. It should fruit within one to two years because it is a grafted citrus tree. Grafting is plant propagation by physically joining two pieces of plant tissue together in such a way that they will unite and subsequently grow and develop as one composite plant. To learn more about transplanting grafted trees please click here for a fact sheet from TFTPF.

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