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3-day summer program Highlights

Mahalo to everyone who participated in our 3-day summer program on July 10th, 11th, and 12th. 34 keiki, ages 5-17yrs old participated in planting, transplanting, harvesting, and preparing food that would feed their `ohana; Providing an authentic "farm to table" experience. Keiki learned the importance of the Hawaiian moon calendar, and how culture plays an important roll in self sustainability in Hawai`i.

The first day focused on giving back to the māla, which included pulling weeds, prepping kalo beds for planing, Harvesting sunflowers and corn, and transplanting new sunflower & corn seedlings.

Our second day, Keiki participated in planting huli in the kalo beds they had prepped from the day before. They cleaned Ti-leafs brought from home and was taught how to de-bone them for the outside of the laulau they would serve to their `ohana.

On the last day of our 3-day program, all 34 our keiki showed up ready to start the day. They harvested & made banana plates with the banana stump, transplanted beans, learned the different parts of the kalo plant, how to clean and pound their own poi. Once their `ohana started rolling in our keiki gave them a tour of the māla and showcased all the hard work they had completed in the past couple days. Lunch was served at 1pm, followed by awarding certificates of achievement to the keiki.

We want to Mahalo all our wonderful staff and awesome friends that helped us make this 3-day summer program possible. It takes a village and we are humbled that our village is steadily increasing.

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